Friday, July 29, 2011

Kai-Lan Inspired Style

So, I was thinking.. What better way to kick off our FIRST blog post than  with one of the FIRST styles I ever did on Keyanna!
So here you have it.. Our Kai-Lan inspired style.
When Keyanna was younger she was obsessed with the show, so I thought I would try a style to resemble Kai-Lans hair in the show. It came out great and is my daughters all time favorite style! I love it too beacuse its something quick and simple that I can do if we are pressed for time. 

And heres a variation we did.. Hanging braids with beads in the back instead of the buns.


  1. You already know, I LOVE IT! WELCOME TO BLOGGING! I cant wait to see your blog grow and flourish!


  2. i already told you before to, but i LOVE IT! very cute, i'm excited to watch your blog grow =)