Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Style Quickie: Cage Braid

I came across a youtube video a few days ago by CuteGirlsHairstyles where they showed how to do a cage braid, I had never even heard of this before but it looked easy enough so we gave it a try.  

It was extremely easy and only took me 15 minutes to do. I love the look of this braid and Keyanna got tons of compliments too. I won't even attempt to explain how to do this braid but you can check an easy to follow tutorial here

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Curly Zebra Review + Giveaway!!

I first heard about Curly Zebra hats on another hair blog and thought they sounded awesome! We have only owned fleece lined winter hats in the past and although they do a great job keeping Keyanna’s head warm, they do an even better job destroying her braids! With Keyanna, the hat is off and on 10x a day while we are in and out of the house. And by the end of the day her fresh braids are a frizzy mess. 

Well, we definitely didn’t have that problem with this hat! When we received it in the mail Keyanna couldn’t wait to try it out. She had chosen the Pansy Passion design and it was gorgeous, not to mention VERY well made, these hats are all handmade. I could tell the fabric was good quality and the stitching was flawless. Since we had just done a new style it was perfect timing to put this hat to the test. We had planned a trip to the Park, Mall, and went out to dinner that night so we were in and out of the cold most of the day. The hat did a wonderful job keeping Keyanna’s head and ears warm, and even with the hat on and off her head all day the silk lining had protected her hair and didn’t cause any frizz. We absolutely LOVE this hat, it definitely did it’s job and we would recommend this hat to everybody having problems with winter hats causing frizz. 

So.. You’re probably wanting one for yourself now, right? Well here’s your chance to win one! Vicki, The creator of Curly Zebra has generously offered one lucky fan their choice of a satin lined hat. 
Just complete the tasks on the Rafflecoptor form to enter. Do one or all to increase your chances of winning.


You can shop their online store right now! Curly Zebra hats come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pull Through Ponytail Headband

I did this style on Keyanna a few weeks ago after she had been wearing her hair down for a while and she was fed up and annoyed with it always being in her face. I started by parting her hair ear to ear and tying off the back section. Then I began parting her hair in small straight sections and tying them off into little ponytails. After I had done that to the whole front section of hair I started with the first section and took our beader and pushed it under the the rubber band towards her forehead, I took the hair from that same small pony and slipped it into the opening of the beader. I then pulled that hair back under the rubber band through the hole created by the beader and viola! A pull through pony! I continued doing this to every small pony and it created a headband effect that kept her hair out of her face all day.

I probably should have taken step by step pictures as I did this style and it would be a whole lot easier to explain but I didn’t think of it at the time so hopefully you get the jist of it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style Remix: Half Back Cornrows With Curls (Half Up/Half Down)

After wearing our previous style for a few days we decided to switch it up a little bit. I took down the ponytail and wet all of her loose hair. After adding a little moisturizer and combing out any knots I took the ends of the cornrows and tied them into a pony on the right side of her head. The rest of her hair I left down. I then added our long and extra wide Curlformers to all of her hair and left them overnight to dry. 

Love it :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Half Back Cornrows Into A Side Pony

I did this style on Keyanna for a birthday party we were going to for her little cousin, and since the party was on the 31st it also doubled as her New Years Eve style.  

I started this style by parting her hair ear to ear and tying off the back section. I then did a slight S shape cornrow, and did the 2 small cornrows for the :bangs”. I continued adding cornrows down the side of her head towards her ear. For the other half I added a few more S cornrows and then did the same thing adding cornrows all the way dawn until I reached her ear. 

I didn’t want to use rubber bands for this style, instead I continued braiding the hair a few more inches off of the scalp so it wouldn’t unravel. 

After I finished braiding I brushed all of her hair up into a high side pony and added our long and wide curl formers to curl it. She slept with them in overnight and here are the results we got the next morning… 

I added a cute bow (from SassyRoche Bowtique, Check them out!) and she was ready  to go!