Friday, November 18, 2011

New Cornrow Design

So I have really been slackin’ on the new styles lately, but I finally got myself motivated enough to pull this one off last night. It’s actually not finished yet, we had homework to do so I just finished up by braiding all of the hair into a low side pony. I plan on taking those out in the next day or 2 and doing the original style I had planned. I’ll post update pics when I do. 

Anyways, I loved how it came out. And it was actually a lot easier to do than I had anticipated. I just cant think of a name for this style. Lol. Any suggestions??

We used our new Blended Beauty products for this style and are loving them so far! Review coming soon. 

Flat Twists With Slide Braids

This is a cute summer time style I did on Keyanna last June for her aunts graduation. For me flat twists are a lot quicker and easier to do than cornrows, and this style only took about 25 minutes. I did about 14 or 15 twists and tied them off with some colorful bands, then parted the rest of her loose hair into 2 sections and did 2 slide braids. If your not familiar with how to do those you can watch a video tutorial here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Box Braids With Floating Beads

Since I haven’t been doing much with Keyanna’s hair lately I’m going to be posting some of our older styles that we have done. This one we did in the summer of 2010. Pretty simple.. Just 2 front pigtails with hanging braids, and then box braids in the back. I used some really cheap rubber bands that I had bought at Walmart, and with the product we used in her hair + a day in the water at the splash pad.. The style only lasted a few hours before all the bands started breaking and beads were falling out. 
So on the way home that day I stopped by Sally’s Beauty and picked up some new bands, Proclaim brand. These are by far the best rubber bands that we have found and the only ones we use now. 

The next day when I was fixing up her hair I decided to add some extra beads towards the top of the braids. I did this by braiding her hair down an inch or 2, then using my beader I added the beads to 2 of the 3 strands of the hair I used for the braid. I then just continued braiding down. I did this style way before I started the blog so I really don’t have any tutorials but I tried to do an illustration to give you all a visual of how I did it (try not to laugh, I’m no artist) Lol. 

You can do it this way with all of the beads or just the bottom bead to keep the rest from slipping down

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Style Quickie: Braided Pony With Beads

Pretty simple. I did 2 cornrows across the front of her head to give her some "bangs", pulled the rest of the hair into a ponytail, braided it all and added some beads.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Virtual Playdate

Big thanks to Charlottes Avenue for inviting us to participate in this virtual playdate!
Come get to know the children behind the hair blogs :) 

I would like to have everyone answer the same questions below and make sure to invite 6 other bloggers to the virtual playdate.. Here we go!

Miss Keyanna

1.) Favorite toy?
-Rockstar guitar & Isabella (teddy bear)

2.) Favorite animal?

3.) Favorite game to play?

4.) Favorite snack?

5.) What makes you happy?
-My mommy (awwww <3)

6.) Favorite TV Show/ Movie?
-TV: Shake It Up, Movie: Coraline

7.) If you could choose a new name for yourself what would it be?
-Mahayla (She totally just stole her classmates name haha)

8.) Favorite Book?
-iSpy: a finding things book

9.) Favorite hairstyle?

10.) Favorite thing to do?
-Dance, Sing, Play Guitar

Now here are the 6 bloggers I would like to invite to the playdate.
(random order)

Make sure to thank the person who invited you, and make sure to choose 6 more friends.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Style Quickie: Twisted Pony's

Another quick school morning style for y’all! This style is from last April, it took about 20 minutes or so.. Simple and cute! I just parted her hair across the front, then again going down the back. I banded off each of those sections, did some twists, added some beads and we were done. I used some coconut oil and our Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie for this one, it gives us a good hold for our twists.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Mini Braids

Some of you might remember the posts (1, 2, 3, & 4) we did about Keyanna’s mini braids this past summer, I actually meant to include these pics in back then to show a few more fun ways to switch them up but completely forgot. So here they are now! Better late than never right? These styles are from our first attempt at mini braids back in May 2010. 

2 large braids

Removing the above style is how we achieved the wavy/crimped look.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hair Carnival! Beautiful Butterfly With A Fancy Half Updo

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe night. Keyanna had a blast! (for the most part). 

This year, after eyeing a pair of wings at the craft store, Keyanna had her heart set on being  a butterfly. So we did another homemade costume this year. I think she looked super cute and it hardly cost us anything!. We got the wings on sale for $5.99, the tutu we reused from last years rockstar costume (we just took the pink out),  I spent about  $2.00 on a little more orange/black tulle to fill it up again and to make the headband. The make-up is LA Colors from the Dollar Tree, and the rest of the costume (boots, leggings, and a black gymnastics leotard) she already had! So.. Total cost? Only about 9.00! 

The hair was not exactly what we had originally planned, but Key absolutely LOVED it! We went with a half Updo, and since I wanted a lot of volume behind her headband I had the genius idea of using a Bumpit. Lol. 

I wanted her roots to be really straight for this style so I started by flat ironing her hair using…………… (I know a lot of you choose not to use heat on your child’s hair, I personally don’t have a problem using it on rare occasions and it hasn’t caused any problems for us.) I then added the Bumpit on the crown of her head, took the top half of the loose hair, gave it a little twist, and secured that part in the back of her head using a few more pins. 

For the bottom half of the hair I added a few medium size Curlformers and set them using Deva Curl AnGel (review coming soon) I left those in for a few hours and she was good to go! 

Here is my beautiful butterfly!

And here are a few pics of her 'do 

Got pics of your little one? Feel free to post them on our Facebook page! 

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