Friday, October 21, 2011

Throwback: Messy Piggies

These pics are from before our hair styling days.. when i really had no clue what i was doing when it came to her hair. Honestly, I could hardly get a brush through it. Her hair is thin which I think makes it tangle so easily. She was rockin’ messy pigtails daily and I was cutting knots out of her hair nightly.  


  1. She could have a paper sack on her head and still be the cutest thing ever! The messy piggies are adorable, sorry for the knots though :(

  2. She is just too cute. I remember those days! All I knew was how to do two pigtails lol. Thank god we learned or theyd probably still be rocking their pigtails!

  3. I presented you with The Liebster Blog Award! I love all the creative styles you do with your daughter's hair!
    Check out the post for all the details!