Monday, August 15, 2011

MOHAWK WEEK!! Zig-Zag Mohawk


For those of you who didn't know.. Keyanna is a ROCKSTAR! (or at least she thinks she is) and mohawks are her all time favorite style. Since summer is the perfect time for a hawk, I thought it would be fun to share some of the styles we've done. So lets kick off the week with.... 

Zig-Zag Mohawk 

This is our most recent mohawk, Key and I loved how it came out and it definately fit her personality. I was partially inspired by a style I saw on a friends page, she is an amazing braider so if you get a chance check her out here. 

  • Time: 25 Min
  • Products used: Coconut Oil, SheaMoisture Curl and Hold Smoothie

  1. I started by parting her hair straight back into 3 sections
  2. I then began working on the right section making a zig-zag part front to back (the right section should now be 2 sections with a zig-zag part separating them)
  3. Cornrow each of those sections 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the left section.
  5. For the top I did 1 large cornrow and let her go to sleep, in the morning I took the top cornrow out and she had a gorgeous braid out, I just added a rubber band to create a “pouf” in the front and she was ready to go!


  1. sooo cute!!! I love mohawk styles they are by far me and the princess favorite

  2. Cute style, me and the diva love it! She asked for that style :)

  3. Love this! All the blogs should get together one day and have a mohawk week or something. That would be really cool :)